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Download our carefully crafted Notion knowledge base template for free and use HelpKit to transform it into a professional help center.

Help Kit turns your Notion knowledege base template into a professional help center

How Does It Work?

Building a help center with HelpKit and Notion is super simple and fast.

Notion to Help Center
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HelpKit has been designed with you and your customers in mind. We take care of all the nitty gritty details so you can focus all your brain juice on creating amazing help articles in Notion.

Step 1: Duplicate our Notion template to your own workspace

Duplicate our template

Duplicate our free best practice Notion template to your own workspace and start writing your help articles.

Step 2: Make your Notion page public

Make your page public

Next, make your root Notion page public and paste the URL into HelpKit's dashboard.

Step 3: Customize and publish your page

Customize and publish

Finally, preview your knowledge base and add custom branding. Then share it with your customers.

Notion Template

Our Best-Practice Help Center Template

You might be wondering: What categories should my help center knowledge base have? While it depends on your product, we have collected the four must-have categories every help center should have including helpful sample articles to get you started.


Getting Started

Help your users learn more about the basics of your product and how they can get started.

What is {Your Product}
How do I install/login to {Your Product}
{Your Product} Glossary

Billing & Subscription

Help users learn about billing cycles, payment methods, invoice location, and plan differences.

How do I upgrade my current plan
How do I cancel my subscription
What payment methods are available
HelpKit Help Center Notion Template

Grab our free Notion template with all categories, example articles and the guide on how to write them.

Get the Notion Template
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Use this category to educate and help users solve commonly known issues.

How do I fix {Common Issue}
I found a bug, how can I report it
Why can't I do {Common Issue}

Profile & Account

Help users with tasks such as user management, account access, or updating profile settings.

How do I change my profile settings
How do I delete my account
How to manage email notifications

Everything you need to
run a professional
Help Center

HelpKit comes with all the tools you need to run a professional Help Center: Search engines can easily find your help articles, full-text search bar, article analytics, embeddable widget for your website and much more.

Powered by Notion Powered by Notion

Your content stays in Notion

Creating content, answering questions, and adding tutorial videos has never been easier with Notion's amazing editor and block types. No coding or technical skills necessary. Just sign up and connect your Notion page to get started!
Your content stays in Notion
 Blow away customers by how great it looks Professional Look

Blow away customers by how great it looks

Your customers deserve a professional looking Help Center. Sure, you can publish your Notion page on its own but it might come across as unprofessional with the messy Notion url, distracting links pointing to Notion and the lack of customizability.

We went the extra mile, optimized HelpKit for all devices and designed it so beautifully, that your customers will get blown away.
Blow away customers by how great it looks
Connect your custom domain Custom Domain

Connect your custom domain

We have chosen our name for a reason. We host your project on a subdomain of our pretty domain such as

Make it match your brand by connecting your own subdomain so that it looks like
Share your app store preview and get feedback
Get feedback in the form of comments and approvals Built-in Search

Help customers find what they need fast

Enhance your Help Center with full-text search that helps your users find exactly what they are looking for. Want to offer an even easier way to search? Connect with HelpKit AI ↗️ to turn your help articles into a 24/7 AI chatbot.
Sophistaced search
Customize app store preview Integrations

Integrate flawlessly with the systems you rely on

HelpKit integrates with the tools you already use. Connect to Slack for notifications, embed your live chat widget from Intercom, Hubspot, Crisp and more. Need your app connected to HelpKit? We got you covered.
Customize your site experience
Receive Article Feedback Analytics

Optimize your help articles

Article reactions and search intents are a great way to get insight on how well help articles are performing. This way you can improve articles that don't work and learn from the ones that that do.
Easily rearrange your app screenshots and videos until satisfied
Optimized for Google, Bing and co SEO

Search engines love to display your articles

We cache your Notion data to serve your customers the fastest Help Center on earth and keep your site up even when Notion is down. Another amazing side benefit: Google, Bing and other search engines love to rank our fast websites.

To maximize your SEO appearance HelpKit allows you to customize all your meta tags.

HelpKit is optimized for SEO such as Google, Bing and co
Receive Article Feedback Gated Content

Protect access to your Help Center

HelpKit is perfect for gating your Notion content. Start earning money by selling access to your knowledge, create internal content for your employees only, you name it. Protect via password, email list and more.
Easily protect and sell your HelpKit Notion site via password protect, restricted email list and more
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Service your customers with questions to their answers around the clock. Drastically reduce the work for your support team and use Notion's world's best editor to write and structure your help articles.

Your professional help center

HelpKit turns your default Notion page into a hosted professional help center that will blow away your customers.

More organic traffic

HelpKit is SEO friendly and can help you get more customers by ranking higher in search results.

Integrate your existing tools

HelpKit works hand in hand with your existing analytics and live-chat providers with more integrations coming soon.

Reach your customers in context with our widget

Serve your Notion help articles to your customers without them ever leaving your website.

Our embeddable widget is super easy to install. Just copy and paste our snippet right before the end of your website's </head> tag and done ⚑

Why HelpKit?

Already using Notion for your company docs?

Let's use it for your
Help Center too.

Customers demand instant solutions to their problems. Deliver instant help and make them happier while dealing with less support tickets: without leaving Notion.


Easy & Amazing

HelpKit is the easiest no-code solution to create a knowledge base your customers will find amazing


Not Another App

Use Notion to write your help articles. Notion provides a great editing experience and all of your companies docs are probably written there anyway.


Perfect for Teams

Make use of Notion's real time collaboration features and work on your articles together. Your changes are automatically updated.


Look Professional

Your articles look like a professionally created website with your brand instead of the default Notion page.


Own Domain

Use your own domain such as so your visitors can easily find you.


Blazingly Fast

HelpKit is optimized for SEO so that search engines easily find your website. Loads up to 100x faster than default Notion pages.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What defines a knowledge base in Notion?
A knowledge base within Notion is a curated collection of informational documents. It serves as a centralized hub where companies can store extensive resources such as guides, FAQs, and tutorials for customer and employee reference.
How can I find a template for a Notion-based knowledge base?
Notion-based knowledge base templates can be sourced from Notion's own template collection or through platforms like HelpKit, which specialize in providing advanced templates tailored for help centers. You can find the best Notion help center template right here.
Is it practical to use Notion for building a knowledge base?
Indeed, Notion is highly practical for building a knowledge base. Its adaptability and customization capabilities allow for the creation and maintenance of extensive knowledge repositories. Notion can be an amazing CMS for keeping your help articles in sync while serving them via a professional help center site built with tools such as HelpKit.
Can you walk me through setting up a help center using Notion?
To establish a help center using Notion, start by designing a clear layout of your knowledge content, use Notion's tools to organize this content, and share it with stakeholders. Third-party services like HelpKit can assist in professionalizing this process. You can use the HelpKit Notion Knowledge Base template and read our how to get started guide.
Are there specialized Notion templates for creating a knowledge base?
Yes, there are specialized Notion templates explicitly designed for the streamlined creation of knowledge bases, which can be personalized to align with specific organizational needs.
How should one organize a Notion knowledge base help center?
Organize your Notion knowledge base by creating a logical hierarchy of pages, breaking down topics into sub-pages to foster easy navigation and quick access to information. Check out our Help Center Academy guide which helps you to create the perfect help center for your business.
What steps are involved in launching a Notion help center?
To launch a help center in Notion, you need to structure your Notion space with all the necessary support documents and ensure they are accessible to your audience, potentially using a service like HelpKit for added functionality and design. This guide will help you get started.
Can Notion be used to create a website-like experience?
Notion can indeed be employed to craft a website-like experience through its 'Share to web' feature. For enhanced customization and branding, platforms like HelpKit can transform Notion pages into more sophisticated web presences.
How can Notion function effectively as a help center?
Notion functions effectively as a help center by allowing businesses to collate and manage support documentation in an interactive and easily updatable environment, facilitating customer self-service.
Is it feasible to utilize Notion as a CMS for a help center?
Utilizing Notion as a CMS for a help center is feasible and can be quite effective. Notion's robust editing and organizing tools enable the management and distribution of content in an orderly fashion. Using a tool such as HelpKit can help you further streamline this process and create highly professional help center websites with Notion with very little effort.