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Standalone page

Public help center or docs page with your own domain, custom appearance and SEO optimization

Help Kit Public Help Center or Documentation powered by Notion

Embeddable widget

Install the widget on your website so users can get their answers in context

Help Kit Knowledge Base Widget powered by Notion

Why Help Kit?

Reduce your support volume via a Self-Service Knowledge Base

Customers demand instant solutions to their problems. Deliver instant help and make them happier while dealing with less conversations – without leaving Notion.

Easy & Amazing

Help Kit is the easiest no-code solution to create a knowledge base your customers will find amazing


Not Another App

Use Notion as a CMS to write your docs. Notion provides a great editing experience and all of your companies docs are probably written there anyway.


Perfect for Teams

Make use of Notion's real time collaboration features and work on your articles together. Your changes are automatically updated.


Look Professional

Your articles look like a professionally created website with your brand instead of the default Notion page.


Own Domain

Use your own domain such as support.acme.com so your visitors can easily find you.


Blazingly Fast

Help Kit is optimized for SEO so that search engines easily find your website. Loads up to 100x faster than default Notion pages.

Choose your layout

Help Center

Create a professional self-service help center that will help your customers find answers to to their problems.

Help Kit Help Center Layout powered by Notion


Create world-class product documentations, API docs, frequently asked questions, onboarding walkthroughs and much more.

Help Kit Documentation Layout powered by Notion

How Does It Work?

A professional
Help Center

in seconds – not hours.

Help Kit has been designed with you and your customers in mind. We take care of all the nitty gritty details so you can focus all your brain juice on creating amazing help articles in Notion.

Step 1: Duplicate our Notion template to your own workspace

Duplicate our template

Duplicate our free Notion template to your own workspace and write your help articles.

Step 2: Make your Notion page public

Make your page public

Next, make your root Notion page public and paste the URL into Help Kit's dashboard.

Step 3: Customize and publish your page

Customize and publish

Preview your knowledge base and add custom colors and links. Then share it with the world.

Turn your Notion docs into a professional Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can provide all the information that your customers need in one place. It can range from FAQs about your product/service, common issues and their solutions, videos with tutorials on how to do things and more.

Powered by Notion Powered by Notion

Your content stays in Notion

Creating content, answering questions, and adding tutorial videos has never been easier with Notion's amazing editor and block types. No coding or technical skills necessary. Just sign up and connect your Notion page to get started!
Your content stays in Notion
 Blow away customers by how great it looks Professional Look

Blow away customers by how great it looks

Your customers deserve a professional looking knowledge base. Sure, you can publish your Notion page on its own but it might come across as unprofessional with the messy Notion url, distracting links pointing to Notion and the lack of customizability.

We went the extra mile, optimized HelpKit for all devices and designed it so beautifully, that your customers will get blown away.
Blow away customers by how great it looks
Connect your custom domain Custom Domain

Connect your custom domain

We have chosen our name for a reason. We host your project on a subdomain of our pretty helpkit.so domain such as piedpiper.helpkit.so

Make it match your brand by connecting your own subdomain so that it looks like support.piedpiper.com
Share your app store preview and get feedback
Get feedback in the form of comments and approvals Search

Help customers find what they need

Enhance your knowledge base with our sophistacted search that helps your users find exactly what they are looking for.
Sophistaced search
Customize app store preview Customize

Perfectly match your site with your brand

Customize your site experience so that it looks and feels like yours. From gradient backgrounds, menu and footer links to widget icons.
Customize your site experience
Receive Article Feedback Reactions

Optimize your help articles

Article reactions are a great way to get insight on your good vs bad articles. This way you can improve articles that don't work and learn from the ones that that do.
Easily rearrange your app screenshots and videos until satisfied
Optimized for Google, Bing and co SEO

Search engines love to display your articles

In order to serve your customers the fastest knowledge base on earth, we cache most of the Notion data. This also comes with an amazing side benefit: Google, Bing and other search engines love to rank fast websites.

To maximize your SEO appearance HelpKit allows you to customize your Meta Title, Meta Description, Favicon Image, and and OG Image.

Customize your app store preview


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About HelpKit

I want you to deal with less support and make your knowledge base work for you

Hey 👋
I’m Dominik, the founder of HelpKit.

There are already a couple of knowledge base softwares out there to help you improve your customer support. And while most of them are certainly doing a good job, are they actually making use of the best content management system in the world?

I have been using Notion for a few years now. It's an amazing tool for storing and organizing all of my company's knowledge and documentation. After a while, I realized that I need something that I can expose to my customers. I didn't want to leave Notion. Furthermore, it should feel similiar to tools such as Intercom or Zendesk.

Since I couldn't find the right solution – I built HelpKit. Sure, you can publish your Notion page on its own but it might come across as unprofessional. The messy Notion url, distracting links pointing to Notion and the lack of customizability are just a few disadvantages...

HelpKit is solving all of this. It is for businesses who need an easy way to create a reliable knowledge base powered by Notion.

— Dominik Sobe, Founder

Learn how HelpKit works 🛠️

Watch Dominik demonstrating how you can get started creating your knowledge base with Notion and HelpKit.

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