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HelpKit is the best alternative

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The ultimate alternative to for customer support

Unlike Super, HelpKit is specifically optimized for creating help centers and documentation sites and comes with everything you need to run a professional customer support operation: Search engines can easily find your help articles, full-text & AI search bar, article analytics, embeddable widget and much more.

Powered by Notion Powered by Notion

Reliable Sync and Structured Content with HelpKit

HelpKit beats with faster updates and structured content management. Unlike's plain Notion sites, HelpKit's structured collections reduce errors and simplify content organization. Enjoy seamless updates and a more robust, user-friendly system, no matter your site traffic.
Your content stays in Notion
 Blow away customers by how great it looks Professional Look

Blow away customers by how professional HelpKit looks

Your customers deserve a professional looking documentation site beyond Super's basic Aether or Cluster templates. Our platform has been built from the ground up to create a professional documentation site that's not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior.

From an integrated table of contents to image previews, everything is designed to deliver an unmatched user experience. Unlike's potentially unrefined Notion pages with distracting URLs and links, HelpKit ensures a clean, professional interface that your customers will love.
Blow away customers by how great it looks
Connect your custom domain Better Sync

Instant Sync: Faster Notion Updates with HelpKit

Unlike, which can delay updates due to caching, especially on quieter sites, HelpKit syncs changes in just a few seconds. Our advanced technology ensures your content is consistently up-to-date, eliminating the need for cache clearing or incognito sessions. Enjoy real-time updates, keeping your site fresh and responsive regardless of traffic levels.
HelpKit has better optimized Notion syncing than Super
Get feedback in the form of comments and approvals Powerful Search

Comes with full-text search – supercharged by AI

HelpKit’s search functionality surpasses that of by incorporating full-text search with our optional HelpKit AI ↗️ enhancements, turning your help articles into an interactive, 24/7 AI-powered chatbot e. This sophisticated search system is tailored to ensure your users find exactly what they need quickly and efficiently.
Sophistaced search
Customize app store preview Integrations

Integrate flawlessly with the systems you rely on

While allows for custom javascript injections, HelpKit directly integrates with the tools you already use. Connect to Slack for notifications, embed your live chat widget from Intercom, Hubspot, Crisp and more. Need your app connected to HelpKit?
Customize your site experience
Receive Article Feedback Analytics

Optimize your help articles

With HelpKit, you gain deeper insights into how your content performs. Our analytics go beyond basic metrics to include user reactions and search intents, offering you actionable feedback to continually refine your articles. This is a level of detail you won’t find with’s simpler analytics.
Easily rearrange your app screenshots and videos until satisfied
Optimized for Google, Bing and co SEO

Made for SEO

We cache your Notion data to serve your customers the fastest knowledge base site on earth and keep your site up even when Notion is down. Another amazing side benefit: Google, Bing and other search engines love to rank our fast websites.

Customize your app store preview
Receive Article Feedback Gated Content

Protect access to your knowledge base

HelpKit offers advanced content gating options, which lacks. Whether you're looking to monetize your knowledge base or provide exclusive access to certain users, HelpKit gives you the tools to secure your content effectively, from password protection to subscriber-only access.
Easily protect and sell your HelpKit Notion site via password protect, restricted email list and more
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I love using Notion to write articles and then HelpKit takes care of the rest. It’s easy and beautiful. The help widget works great and is worth the price all on its own. Even if you haven’t used Notion, you’ll pick it up super fast and you’ll love how easy it is to update your articles.

Testimonial from Fred Cutler

CEO at

Standalone Center

Create a public or internal help center / docs site with your own domain, custom appearance and SEO optimization

HelpKit Public Help Center or Documentation powered by Notion

Embeddable Widget

Install our widget on your webapp so users can get their answers quickly in context. Learn more about our embeddable widget

Help Kit Knowledge Base Widget powered by Notion


HelpKit vs Super

Let's have a look how HelpKit outperforms Super feature by feature.

Features HelpKit Super
Suitable for Individuals, Startups and Enterprises Hobby projects
Structured Content
Embeddable Widget
AI-Powered Chat
Protected Access
Dark Mode
Advanced Analytics Only simple insights
Sitemap for SEO
Sync time for 50 pages 25 seconds Multiple minutes
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24/7 support

"With Helpkit we literally went from 0 to fully functional knowledge-base in 1 hour! The best thing about Helpkit is it allows my non-technical co-founder to do 95% of the work and manage our knowledge-base. We signed up because of how beautiful and well-designed the product is!"

Testimonial from Dan Kelly, CEO at Adjust Square.


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Frequently asked questions

You have questions about how HelpKit compares as a Super so alternative? 🤔 We have the answers. If you can't find the answer you are looking for simply reach out.

Why should I choose HelpKit over for my Notion-based help center?
HelpKit is the ultimate alternative to when it comes to creating Notion-based help centers and documentation sites. Unlike, which is broader in application, HelpKit specializes in structured, professional-looking help centers that sync instantly, support full-text and AI-powered searches, and offer advanced analytics and SEO optimization.
What advantages does HelpKit offer compared to other Super Notion alternatives?
HelpKit stands out from other Super Notion alternatives by providing a dedicated platform for help centers with faster content syncing, a more structured content organization, and powerful integration capabilities. Its professional aesthetics and user-centric design make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale their customer support.
How does HelpKit improve upon the standard Notion template for documentation?
HelpKit enhances the standard Notion template by organizing content into structured collections that are easy to manage and navigate with Notion databases. This structured approach, combined with instant updates and the ability to connect a custom domain, transforms your simple Notion pages into a sophisticated, professional help center.
Can HelpKit serve as a comprehensive alternative for companies?
Absolutely. HelpKit is designed to serve startups, enterprises, and individual users who need a reliable and feature-rich platform for their help centers. With capabilities far beyond what offers, such as enhanced search functions, professional design elements, and robust content protection, HelpKit is a superior choice for companies looking for an effective alternative.
What makes HelpKit a better choice for SEO compared to
HelpKit is optimized for search engines with features that Super lacks. It caches your Notion data for faster site loading, which is crucial for SEO. Additionally, HelpKit's structured content and sitemap generation make it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to index and rank your site effectively.
How does HelpKit utilize AI to enhance search capabilities beyond
Unlike, HelpKit incorporates AI to supercharge the search experience on your help center. This AI-powered search allows for full-text queries, providing precise, context-aware results that help users find information quickly and efficiently, elevating the overall user support experience.
What content protection features does HelpKit offer that does not?
HelpKit provides advanced content protection options such as password protection and restricted email list access. These features allow you to secure sensitive documentation and offer exclusive content, capabilities not available with, making HelpKit a more versatile platform for managing your knowledge base.
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